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  • wlmager
  • Will_J
    • Will Jessop (4 posts)
    • Hi! I'm a writer and filmmaker and I work with the WONDERFUL actors of Blue Apple Theatre.
  • Resource Productions
    • Resource Productions (3 posts)
    • We run a youth and community video production company, based in Berkshire, but delivering workshops and videos to organisations…
  • OFVM
    • Richard Duriez (1 posts)
    • OFVM Film Oxford is a training & support organisation for filmmakers in Oxfordshire and nearby counties.
  • Nerve Belfast
    • Nerve Belfast (2 posts)
    • Nerve Belfast Creative Learning Centre is a welcoming, supportive and fun place where young people, teachers and community workers can explore how new…
  • Mik Scarlet
    • Mik Scarlet (1 posts)
    • I'm a broadcaster, journalist, writer, musician and actor. I have worked in the media industries for over 25 years. I was the first disabled person to…
  • karengilchrist
    • Karen Gilchrist (1 posts)
    • Karen is a director of Redbird Media Ltd, an independent production company based in Winchester. She set up the company 20 years ago with her colleague…
  • jamesrose
    • James Rose (7 posts)
    • My name is James and I graduated with a first class degree (with honours) in broadcasting three years ago from University College Falmouth in Cornwall.…
  • GaryThomas
    • Gary Thomas (5 posts)
    • Hello I am an artist and Filmmaker and live in Surrey. I am on the steering group of Uscreen. I have been making films since 2001 and been funded by Screen…
  • Future Creative
  • Emma Collins
    • Emma Collins (3 posts)
    • Emma originally trained as an actress in the early 90’s but a chance introduction to editing shortly led her swiftly and passionately into post-production…
  • davidproud
    • David Proud (6 posts)
    • Hi guys, my name is David and I have been a proffessional actor now for over four years. Have most recently got more into film making and I'm delighted…
  • dan_edge
    • Dan Edge (2 posts)
    • I am a Professional Actor, occasional Model, who has done some training to be a TV Presenter, and I am a Pro Wrestler inbetween. I have Cerebral Palsy…
  • ChemistTree
  • Cathy R
    • Cathy Rogers (1 posts)
    • Hi, I'm Cathy, an artist who facilitated a filmmaking workshop alongside Tom from KETV as part a Dover Film weekend in July 2010 coinciding with the Cultural…